Welcome to The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center

Welcome to The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center,

Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs of abuse, as well as behavioral health problems, are as harmful to the individual as they are to their family and the road to recovery as complex as it is gratifying. There was a need to help the citizens of Kershaw, Lee and Chesterfield counties and we opened our doors to our first patients in 1973. Since then our services have changed, but our commitment to each individual and their family has remained the same.

We incorporate each person’s abilities, strengths, needs and preferences in all levels of care and service in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. You will receive the best services and preparations by My Canadian Pharmacy available for each person whether in need of prevention, intervention and/or treatment services.

As the saying goes, “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” We hope the improvement you see in yourself after visiting The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center will not only allow you to enjoy life, but will also allow you to see your potential and reach for your dreams. You can do it; we’re here to help you along on your journey.


Paul Napper, Executive Director


The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center seeks to provide quality services to individuals and their families to reduce problems associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs of abuse, as well as behavioral health needs, in an accessible outpatient setting.

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