What Addictions are Treated in Behavioral Health Center?

The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center treats and even copes with the following additions:

  • tobacco;
  • alcohol;
  • drugs;
  • medical preparations including Viagra.addiction treatment

Tobacco Addiction

You should stop blaming yourself for addiction. None of the rational people will not consciously poison the body. People start smoking under the influence of the environment or tobacco advertising. Now is the time to get rid of the imposed solution.

Smoking calms you down, brings pleasure, increases working capacity. These statements are myths that it is time to disapprove. Really, before the smoker knew the taste of cigarettes, he was unhappy, unbalanced and lazy? No, that is why bonuses received from nicotine are just an illusion.

The last cigarette must be smoked consciously. You should listen to the sensations, feel the nasty taste of tobacco, give yourself an account that the motives that make you smoke are worthless.

A person’s desire is enough to quit smoking, so all substitutes — anti-nicotine lollipops and patches, e-cigarettes — are useless at best, harmful at worst.

When the thought comes up again to smoke, you need to think about how good it is to be a non-smoker. At the same time, prohibitive formulations should be avoided: “no”, “not allowed”.

You should cultivate a feeling of pity for other smokers: they are dependent and sick, and you are happy and free.

Viagra Addiction: Possible or Not?

Some young people ignore the recommendations of physicians and independently take drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This was stated by scientists after the study, which was attended by students. It turned out that about 6% of them took such drugs. Experts say: the more pills young people take, the worse their sex life is.

Medical scientists are confident that men who are addicted to Viagra-type pills have a normal level of sexual activity. Over time, they are less and less sure that they can maintain an erection without stimulators. This, along with many other factors, leaves a negative influence on the relationship with the opposite sex, even in cases when sexual intercourse was normal.

Doctors say that experiments with drugs provoke the development of dysfunctions in the work of the nervous system and general anxiety. On the other hand, it is also possible that it was anxiety that was the young people desire to take pills. According to psychologists, just a few unsuccessful episodes are enough to make a person dependent on Viagra.

But in the majority of cases, men who visited a doctor are informed about the correct dosage regimen. Generic Viagra is the universal means to fight erectile dysfunction. In the majority of cases, men follow the doctors’ requirements not to cause the possible side effects.

Alcohol Dependence

The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center insists on blocking alcohol dependence. There are two methods – psychotherapeutic and medicamentous. Psychotherapy is aimed at the permission of a sober lifestyle, as well as the formation of a negative image of alcohol and everything connected with it. However, there are a number of limitations. Such limitations are individual and specified in the clinic.

Drug blockade of alcohol dependence is the introduction to the person of one of the modern drugs that significantly reduce the extreme desire for alcohol. At the same time, this drug has an incompatibility with alcohol. However, the psychotherapeutic component of this method is also very significant. The doctor does not just silently administer the drug, he must explain to the person what is happening, why the medicine is injected (this is a kind of insurance that keeps a person from drinking).


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